ipsy vs birchbox vs glossybox

Other than Ipsy there are other companies that do the same thing, but each have their differences.


The cost: $10 / mo.
No. of samples: 5 per month + the occasional bonus
The type of products you’ll receive:I hear that you receive a lot of hair and skincare products from Birchbox, and very minimal makeup.
Brands: The brands in Birchbox tend to be the type you’d find at Sephora or Ulta, mixed in with some up-and coming brands like St. Tropez, The Balm, Oribe, Supergoop! and Benefit.
What we love about Birchbox: Each month, your products come shipped in a super cute box that you’ll actually want to hang onto! Check out a few of our ideas for reusing Birchboxes. There are some great perks available, like Birchbox Points, which you can earn by reviewing products, full-size orders and referrals. Also, Birchbox has a great Bonus Shop! There are tons of freebies available.
The downsides: While Birchbox is great, there are a few things to change change. I hear that there needs to be a bit more variety in products received.



The cost: $10 / mo.
No. of samples: 4 – 5 per month
The type of products you’ll receive: Ipsy’s Glam Bag tends to be centered around makeup (eyeshadow, lipgloss, blush, etc.) with the occasional hair care product thrown in.
Brands: The brands in Ipsy’s Glam Bag run the gamut from drug store brands like NYX and Maybelline to the type of brands you’d find in Sephora, like Benefit.
What we love about Ipsy: The best thing about Ipsy is that most of the items they include are full-size products. Also, subscriptions are sent out in new, cute makeup bag each month, which I use for everything!
The downsides: As many people have mentioned in other reviews, Ipsy’s Glam Bag tends to skew more towards drug store products.



The cost: $21 / mo.
No. of samples: 5 per month
The type of products you’ll receive: Glossybox tends to feature pretty equal mix of skincare products, makeup and perfume.
Brands: Glossybox features a mix of higher-end brands like Bulgari and Burberry, to the types of products you’d spot at Sephora, like Benefit.
What we love about Glossybox: As the name implies, Glossybox is a glossierversion of the traditional beauty box. The products are more luxurious and high-end, which is great. In fact, one box could contained $65.98 worth of products. The products come beautiful packaged like a gift (ribbon and all!) in a gorgeous box, which makes unboxing a Glossybox feel extra-special.
The downsides: Really, the only downside is the price!


information taken from: http://dailyurbanista.com/2015/09/21/beauty-box-comparison-birchbox-vs-ipsy-vs-glossybox/



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